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Benefit Reimbursements

Braven Health members can get reimbursements for things like eyewear, fitness memberships, acupuncture and more.

Here’s how it works:

Submit a reimbursement form with an itemized receipt and a copy of your member ID card to the address below:

Braven Health
PO Box 1609
Newark, NJ 07101-1609
  • You may submit one or more requests for reimbursement up to the $200 limit for each benefit — eyewear, fitness, and flex.
  • These reimbursements and any amounts paid out-of-pocket do not count toward your maximum out-of-pocket amount.

Eyewear Benefit

Braven Health members can receive up to $200 every two years for eyeglasses or contact lenses not associated with cataract surgery.

Fitness Benefit

Braven Health members can receive up to $200 each calendar year towards membership at a health club and/or a yoga studio; does not include activation fees, personal training sessions, or other health club fees associated with membership.

Flex Benefit

Braven Health members can receive up to $200 — in total — each calendar year for one or more of the following Non-Medicare covered benefits:

Acupuncture must be provided by a licensed or certified practitioner in the state of New Jersey. A valid receipt must contain practitioner information.