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Partnered Vendors

Braven Health has partnered with certain vendors to help you get the screenings you need quickly and easily.

You may be contacted by one of the vendors below on our behalf, if you are eligible for a certain screening(s). If you get a call or receive mail from one of our partnered vendors, we have given them permission to reach out to you.

  • A team of pharmacists that contact members for the following:

    • Osteoporosis Management in Women — Magellan Rx educates members about the risks of osteoporosis and the importance of completing a Bone Density Mineral test/DEXA scan. They will also contact women between the ages of 65-87 that had a fracture in the past six months.
    • Statin Therapy for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease — Magellan Rx educates members who are at risk for cardiovascular disease and may benefit from statin therapy.

    Magellan Rx services are offered to members of the Braven Medicare Plus (HMO) plan.

  • A specialized team of licensed, credentialed and professional technicians that perform in-home screenings for DEXA scan. MedXm services are offered to members enrolled in either Braven Medicare Plus (HMO) plan.

  • This vendor, in collaboration with your PCP, can help you complete important screenings in the comfort of your own home. Eligible members will receive screening kits for:

    • Colorectal cancer
    • Hemoglobin A1c
    • Microalbumin

    BioIQ services are offered to members enrolled in Braven Medicare Plus (HMO) plan.